I am Paphawarin Rattanapuree  AKA - O"   A Thai artist based in Berlin.
I work as a freelance professional certified Makeup and Hair artist and also love to take photographs as a hobby. Fashion, makeup, art and photography are the things, I was always interested in. 
I do makeup & hair as a professional. But from time to time I also do photo shootings by myself - just to stay creative. For me, human faces are so interesting because I believe everyone has their own look and beauty.
My mission is presenting this beauty in the best way possible, finding and creating a style and look to match perfectly for every single person. Makeup is art and art is endless. 
I'm happy that I can work with the thing I love, meeting many other nice and creative people on the way. 
Thank you for visiting my website. If you have any question feel free to contact me!